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Scenario: Here we are again – crunch time.  I have a request that is Jalapeno hot, and it requires ~100 new datastores, ~1000 virtual disks, and for some unknown reason a RDM or two sprinkled in.  At the end of the day this is really no problem at all for two reasons: PowerCLI is an extremely viable product that allows us to automate pretty much whatever task we want to […]

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Scenario: I was in the process of building a CMDB, and I needed to gather Dell Service Tag’s for my host machines.  I did a little of internet searching and couldn’t really find anything specifically for Dell Blades.  So to that effect here we all are today so: Game On! Note: My experience and code is in reference only to the Dell E1000 chassis and M-Blade series.  So your mileage may vary […]

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Scenario: Maybe you are a medium size enterprise with 25, 50, or even 100 ESXi hosts and you are really not sure when the best time to upgrade your hosts.  This is always a difficult question to answer based on bug fixes in not only ESXi code but also in VMware Tools code or even new feature sets.  I have personally always found that you postpone until last minute or when absolutely […]


Scenario: Have you ever been in that situation where you want to remediate a host for some sort of baseline and you can’t due to a pending reboot on all of your hosts,  all hosts in a particular cluster, or just some hosts?  This situation can be particularly frustrating especially if you run TrendMicro DeepSecurity in your environment. If this is the case for you then you know there are several […]

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